Raven & Crow Co. Presents:
Animal Remains 

Animals have been used as tools for divination and spellwork for centuries. Join Emile to learn the history of animal remains in magic, how to ethically source and safely cleanse remains for use in your practice, and craft your own charms.​

Image by Chilli Charlie

This three-session series will run on March 11, 18, and 25, and will be held via livestream. The class costs $90 and includes access to the following courses:

Course 1: Mysticism in the Macabre - The History of Animal Remains in Magic.

Course 2: Blood and Bone - Connecting With Remains & Why an Animal's Experiences in Life Can Change Your Magic

Course 3: From Death We Become - Sourcing & Preparation of Remains for Spells & Charms

Each course comes with worksheets for you to follow along with & Q&A sessions at the end of each class. You also have the option to purchase a crafting add-on, which will include a personalized kit shipped to you containing supplies to create your own charm.

Each kit will include the following:
- 1-3 animal-sourced items (bones, fur, feathers, etc)
- Jump rings and chain, hemp cording, a keychain loop, or some other attachment method for your charm, depending on the intention
- Crystal and wooden beads, charms, and other decorative items chosen based on the charm's intention
- Instructions for assembly and an explanation of the charm's intention


Deadline to purchase live access is February 28th.