Raven & Crow Co. Presents:
The Academy for the Beginner Witch - Part I 

Are you a beginner witch looking to learn with other beginner witches in a fun and supportive environment? We have just the course for you!

Image by Tikkho Maciel

Our In-House Tarot Reader, Lucas, has a passion for helping others kick-start their personal practice. A practitioner for over 6 years, he has accumulated a vast set of knowledge to help others gain footing in witchcraft & paganism, & help them gain confidence to move forward on their own. Because that what mentoring is all about: having the ones you teach be able to head off on their own with confidence and a sense of clarity. 

This first module will run on February 4th, February 11th, February 28th, and March 4th @ 7PM EST & will be held via livestream. The four courses cost $111 and include access to the following courses:

Course 1: Introduction To The Craft
Course 2: The Paths of Witchcraft & Paganism: Which One Calls To You?
Course 3: Magical Misconceptions
Course 4: Cleanse, Banish, Ward, & Ground

Each course comes with worksheets for you to follow along with & Q&A sessions at the end of each class. You also would have early access to Academy for the Beginner Witch - Part II at a 20% discount! Part II dates are TBD and will include the following courses ($111 for first time purchase, $88 dollars for returning students):

Course 5: Introduction to Divination
Course 6: Introduction to Herbalism, Animism, & Animal Remains
Course 7: Introduction to Spirit, Deity, & Ancestor Work
Course 8: Finale: Q&A Session 

Join us down the rabbit hole & kick start your personal practice with Raven & Crow Co.! 

Deadline to purchase live access for Part I is January 31st.