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May 6, 2022 - Jun 3, 2022

Academy for the Beginner Witch (Part 2)

  • 29Days
Everyone in the program will get a badge when the program ends.


Are you a beginner witch looking to learn with other beginner witches in a fun and supportive environment? We have just the course for you! Our In-House Tarot Reader, Lucas, has a passion for helping others kick-start their personal practice. A practitioner for over 6 years, he's accumulated a vast set of knowledge to help others gain footing in witchcraft & paganism, & boost their confidence to move forward on their own. Because that what mentoring is all about: having the ones you teach be able to head off on their own with confidence and a sense of clarity. Lucas is super happy to get back in the classroom for Part II of this workshop! Part II classes will be as follows: Course 5: Intro to Divination Course 6: Intro to Herbalism, Animism, & Animal Remains Course 7: Intro to Spirit, Deity, & Ancestor Work Course 8: Finale: Q&A Session These classes are perfect for beginners, experienced witches, and practitioners of all ages. If you haven’t joined us for Part I, don’t worry! The information covered in part II doesn't rely on having experienced part I. The course will cost $111 for first time students. If you've already purchased part I you'll receive a special discounted price for this second set - Lucas will reach out with instructions. To inquire about purchasing access to Part I, call the shop at 207-607-0330! Join us down the rabbit hole & kick start your personal practice with Raven & Crow Co.! Class starts May 6th at 7PM, deadline to sign up is April 29th!

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2 Plans Available, From $111.00


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