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Emile Boisvert

Herbalist & Animistic Energy Worker

Practitioner Bio
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Practitioner Bio

Emile's practice focuses on exploring the intersecting planes where science and magic meet, harnessing both the metaphysical and scientific properties of natural materials to produce strong intentional spells.

As an animistic Celtic pagan, Emile works closely with the residual energies present within plants and animal remains, as well as the energetic presence that strong emotions leave behind on objects and places of significance. Through empathetic advocacy of harmful energies, Emile works to remold and refocus them into a conduit for healing and protection.

Outside of his time serving as Raven & Crow Co.'s herbalist, Emile can be found selling his retro-nostalgia inspired artwork at conventions across the East coast under the pseudonym "Ark--Bark Arts!". He's the creator of the “Good Vibes” apparel line – a tropical collection focused on the anachronism of striving for constant positivity in a world that thrives on negative energy - as well as the owner & developer of Psychotronic Games.

Aside from being a chronic workaholic, Emile also serve as a presenter on transgender welfare in medicine and has spoken at international events like ASHRM and the IHI. Alongside medical professionals, Emile advocates from the patient perspective for the creation of safe spaces and the removal of binary gender formatting in medical settings. These presentations also challenge practices to reexamine biases and micro-aggressions when interacting with gender nonconforming patients, and provide data-driven examples of the dangers transgender patients face while navigating the healthcare system.

Emile offers herbal counseling and grief-work services on a one-on-one basis. He's able to receive payments via cash or venmo. Call or email to book a consultation!

Services Offered

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