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Who We Are and What We Stand For

Creating a non-appropriative, inclusive space for LGBT, POC, and Indigenous practitioners.

At Raven & Crow Co. we believe in making a safe space for everyone who shops here.


We're first and foremost a queer owned and operated space. As members of this community with a platform, we take the task of curating the goods we carry very seriously. We strive to offer a wide selection of supplies for every practice, while remaining mindful that there are some items we should never profit from.



We vet each item we sell heavily to make sure that it's safe and accessible for every walk of life, ethically sourced, and good for the environment; while maintaining  a high standard of quality so our customers can have the best metaphysical supplies available for their spiritual journey. However, we are human and mistakes can happen, and as the spiritual community becomes more culturally aware it's possible some of our stock might end up on the growing list of unacceptable items.


If there is an herb, crystal, book, or anything else you find that shouldn’t remain on our shelves, we encourage you to inform us. We'll make sure to remove those items from our inventory immediately and donate all proceeds from any prior sales of the items to mutual aid funds for communities that have been historically harmed as a result of the commercialization of these products. We pledge to be transparent in these instances - and will make a public statement divulging the error, as well as post financial statements of any donated proceeds to reassure our community that we promise to learn, do better, pay reparations, and above all, listen and never make the same mistake twice.  We wish to make the commitment to you now that we will always listen to a concern and do everything we can to correct any harmful actions, and learn from them while not putting ourselves at the center of any ethical conversations that need to occur.

With this in mind, there are some items that we will never have on our shelves at any point. These items include but are not limited to:

  • White Sage

  • Palo Santo

  • Books by authors who have been found to be transphobic, xenophobic, homophobic, misogynistic, or otherwise harmful in their views, actions, etc. 

  • Books on closed practices written by people not in those practices OR books that spread misinformation on closed practices.

  • Anything with the G slur in it. 

  • Items from closed practices and cultures in general that are NOT meant for us to profit off of

We will also not claim to sell any items in shop as a means to cure physical illness. We're not doctors or medical professionals. We believe in the limitless power these items can hold on the spiritual and physical body since they go hand and hand in most cases. However we also know this to be true: tarot readings, crystals, and candles cannot be used as a replacement for therapy or medical treatment. 


We highly encourage anyone who is concerned about their physical or mental health to also consult licensed professionals if they have access to those means. Even though we believe the items we provide can help aid in these matters, they are never a substitute for professional care and should be used in conjunction with a licensed medical practitioner when possible.


  • No Lives Matter Until Black Lives Matter

  • Trans Rights are Human Rights

  • We recognize that we are residing on colonized Pejepscot land and we support the Land Back movement

  • Correcting appropriative behavior is not gatekeeping. Diversity in cultures, and the different practices within them, is beautiful and sacred. It is not our right to feel entitled to take part in what is not ours

  • While there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, there are steps we can take to help lessen the negative effects capitalism has on our environment and the community around us 


None of these statements are being made in direct association with any particular individual or group. These are our personal ethics that we take incredibly seriously. We recognize some individuals may feel uncomfortable with these statements, so we will provide references below for anyone to further educate themselves in these subjects. We encourage you to also seek out resources from members of the specific communities that these topics include.

Anti Racism Daily: Preserve Palo Santo & White Sage

The Ethics Of Burning Sage, Explained

‘A political existence’: Native culture on campus

Why Being 'Gypped' Hurts The Roma More Than It Hurts You

While our stances are our own that we follow wholeheartedly, making a dedicated page to share our ideals with our community publicly was inspired by @thehalfasswitchllc on Instagram, the best no-bs witch we know. Please go give her a follow and check out her wonderful offerings and resources!

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