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Cat in Basket
Image by Jesse van Vliet
Image by Tyler Quiring
Image by Matthew Henry

Alex Lavergne


Local shop goblin. Probably behind the counter, or making drinks up at the espresso bar. Can be paid in snacks.

Most likely to have a spare bandaid. Most unlikely to need spare bandaid.

Emile "Ark" Boisvert

You ever been to a carnival and seen those carts of questionable cotton candy? Yeah.


Certified Herb Person, ask him about our large wall of herbs if you want to hear about plants for 30 minutes.

Most likely to need the spare bandaid.

Lucas Ford

Once put a fork in an electrical socket at 5, Now a practicing pagan and tarot reader who owns a metaphysical shop with his best friends & Husband. It DOES get better.

Find him at the front counter to ring up your items and help you with your needs!

Cornelius Ford

"... and also Haw"

Local Ghost. Likes to make coffee. Knows Too Much about Coffee. Ask him about coffee.

Find him behind the espresso bar for all your coffee needs. Also tea sometimes.

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