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"Eros" Burnable Spell Powder

"Eros" Burnable Spell Powder


Give your spells an extra kick of power by setting these loose incense blends ablaze. Featuring ingredients hand picked from our extensive herbal collection and blended into a cornsilk base for an easy burn.


Eros powder is a floral glamour blend featuring several emboldening ingredients, including rose, lavender, cinnamon, and more. This spell mixture is intended to draw love of all forms, as well as bolster a positive self image.


Price covers 17ml (approximately 0.5oz) of burnable powder. For safety reasons and to save on shipping costs, the powder will be packaged in a compostable pouch rather than the pictured glass vial unless otherwise requested!

For practitioners who are unable to burn spell material for any reason (renting, etc), we also offer this blend as wax melts for "flameless" candle magic

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